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TX Series (2N1) (3 wheel/4 wheel, 1.25 - 2.0 ton)


  • Dynamic design
  • 3 wheeler models and 4 wheeler models
  • Three "E" (Low energy consumption, excellent ergonomics, higher handling efficiency)
  • Energy consumption - 4.2kWh/h, 7% performance increase compared to previous model
  • Low first step (415mm) making easier truck entrance/exist
  • Rear assist grip for ergonomic operation
  • Slim steering column with full electric "Steering by Wire"
  • Fingertip control lever available as option
  • Improved visibility through the mast
  • LED head light as standard
  • S3 - staility support system regulating the truck traveling speed, tilt speed and over speed in the down slope

Main Truck Specifications

TypeLoad capacityLoad centerWheel baseTruck widthBattery voltage (V)Remarks
AS2N1L13Q3 Wheeler1250kg500mm1280mm1075mm48VShort wheel base model
AS2N1L15Q3 Wheeler1500kg500mm1280mm1075mm48VShort wheel base model
A2N1L16Q3 Wheeler1600kg500mm1385mm1075mm48VStandard wheelbase model
AG2N1L16Q3 Wheeler1600kg500mm1495mm1125mm48VLong wheelbase model
AS2N1L18Q3 Wheeler1800kg500mm1385mm1125mm48VStandard wheelbase model
AG2N1L18Q3 Wheeler1800kg500mm1495mm1125mm48VLong wheelbase model
AG2N1L20Q3 Wheeler2000kg500mm1495mm1125mm48VLong wheelbase model
TypeLoad capacityLoad centerWheel baseTruck widthBattery voltage (V)Remarks
JA2N1L16Q4 Wheeler1600kg500mm1430mm1125mm48VStandard wheelbase model
JAG2N1L18Q4 Wheeler1800kg500mm1540mm1125mm48VLong wheelbase model
JAG2N1L20Q4 Wheeler2000kg500mm1540mm1125mm48VLong wheelbase model

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