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BX Series (4 wheel, 1.5 - 2.5 ton)

Perfect Balance

<Product Features>

  • Counterbalanced electric four wheel forklifts (Pneumatic tire model)
  • Load capacity range : Fron 1.5 to 2.5 ton (Load center : 500mm)
  • Power source : Electric-powered
  • Equipped with 3 pre-set modes which users can adjust the truck performance by themselves.
  • Dust and water resistance : AC controller has the IP54 rating due to special connectors that help protect it against dirt and water ingress.
  • Multifunctional LCD meter, mast lock system, sway control system, parking brake warning buzzer are available as standard.
  • Load meter, single control lever, tilt leveling system, smooth-run system are available as options.

Main Truck Specifications

Load capacityLoad centerMax. fork heightOverall widthOverall length (without forks)Overall heightTurning radiusBattery max. capacity (5hr)
1.5 ton standard model1500kg500mm3000mm1120mm2030mm2120mm1750mm485AH/48V
1.75 ton standard model1750kg500mm3000mm1120mm2075mm2120mm1780mm485AH/48V
2.0 ton standard model2000kg500mm3000mm1165mm2260mm2120mm1960mm565AH/48V
2.5 ton standard model2500kg500mm3000mm1165mm2325mm2120mm2000mm565AH/48V
1.5 ton high capacity model1500kg500mm3000mm1120mm2030mm2120mm1750mm545AH/48V
1.75 ton high capacity model1750kg500mm3000mm1120mm2075mm2120mm1780mm545AH/48V
2.0 ton high capacity model2000kg500mm3000mm1165mm2260mm2120mm1960mm700AH/48V
2.5 ton high capacity model2500kg500mm3000mm1165mm2325mm2120mm2000mm700AH/48V
1.5 ton long wheelbase model1500kg500mm3000mm1120mm2220mm2120mm1970mm700AH/48V
1.75 ton long wheelbase model1750kg500mm3000mm1120mm2075mm2120mm1970mm700AH/48V
2.0 ton long wheelbase model2000kg500mm3000mm1165mm2445mm2275mm2140mm865AH/48V
2.5 ton long wheelbase model2500kg500mm3000mm1165mm2445mm2275mm2140mm865AH/48V